Our Prescience

Extensive necessitate of Sandalwood Oil in Fragrance, Flavor and Pharmaceutical industries and looking at fluctuating conditions of Indian Sandalwood species (Santalum Album). Oneworld Corporation since its inception concentrated on other natural Sandalwood species around the globe and catered the ongoing demand of conglomerates in India and other countries with unadulterated product having stable pricing and consistent supplies.

We have been sourcing Australian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Spicatum) since 2006 from private companies and other recognized societies in Western Australia who are into cultivation of Sandalwood and further distillation of the same since decades.

We have also introduced a new and exceptional species of Sandalwood from New Caledonia (Austro Caledonicum) from 2015. This species have made its special space in the global fragrance and flavor market due to its enriching technical properties which are almost similar to Indian Sandalwood species.


Our prescience and relationships around the globe made us source exotic variants of Sandalwood Oil, thus making us the leading and legal suppliers of the product.

2009 was the year when our reputation emerged as a responsible and dependable partner resulting in higher customer service standards for many reputed organizations in India and with their kind persuasion and conviction on us we also started importing and supplying our customers with other essential oils and spice herbs which are widely used in related industries.