Pacific Sandalwood Oil

Pacific Sandalwood Oil

Pacific Sandalwood Oil- Pacific Sandalwood Oil is the pure aromatic substance which reflects the natural essence of the place where it grows. It is obtained in a huge quantity from the trees growing in Pacific area, especially in Hawaii and is known as Santalum Paniculatum or Santalum Elliptum and Coast Sandalwood as well. These trees are 8-10 meter long and have unique botanical features which make them different from other species. It has various exclusive properties which makes it a demanding product.

It has smooth, vibrant and sweet odor, it is widely used in the fragrance industry such as perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and especially in anti dandruff shampoos. It has a 200 year old history of being used in various rituals, religious occasions and in wood carving industry of China.

  • It is anti-inflammatory oil
  • Its use gives relaxation from stressed body and mind.
  • Its regular use increases the focus and improves concentration.
  • It is anti-fungal

We are the bulk importers and exporters of Pacific Sandalwood Oil. Our coherent effort and excellent research have enabled this product to become renowned and available in Indian Industry.