Vetiver oil (Khus)

About the product

Vetiver oil is extracted from wild plant named as Khus in India. Usually found in India, vetiver is produced at Rajasthan (Bharatpur), Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kannauj and near banks of Ganga & Yamuna rivers. Vetiver oil is produces from grasses known as citronella, palm rosa and lemongrass. The color of vetiver oil is similar to olive oil i.e. dark brown or dark amber. Two different variety of Vetiver are Wild Vetiver (found in North India) and cultivated Vetiver (found in South India). This oil has soothing fragrance which is used in many products and has worthy tenacity.

Advantages of this product

Some of the advantages of the product are:

  • It is the most prominent product used to manufacture flavor and fragrances.
  • Vetiver oil is best use as a refrigerant and due to its cooling effect it is also used for preparing summer drinks and refreshing syrups.
  • It is one of the key constituents in confectionary products as well.
  • This oil can be added to water and can be applied directly on skin for decreasing the effect of External heat and is prominent with skin care products (Antiseptic, Moisturizing and wrinkle free creams).
  • It is added on sweets and regional dishes to increase taste and odor.
  • Due to its medicinal properties, it is also used in Muscular pains, Arthritics and Neurotic diseases.